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How to best wrap the parachute
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Geplaatst door: Modelraketten.NL op 11-07-17 15:21 | E-mail: info(at)
Do you have any simple instruction on how to best wrap the parachute?

Always carefully fold your parachute.

To prevent sticking together, you can spread the parachute on a clean table and sprinkle talcum powder on it.
After that:
Take double (you have half a round), folding the lines together. Then take double again (you have a quarter round), then repeat for two more times. Fold the lines harmonic-shaped(5cm) and put them on the parachute. One more time, fold double with the lines in between the chute. Then roll up or fold the chute from the point so that the package fits into the body tube.

Before you put the package in the body tube, apply recovery wadding to prevent the chute from burning by the hot exhaust gases.

Do not wrap the lines around the parachute. Tangling of the lines, or even a knot, can easily arise.
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